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3 Products to Have at Work for Midday Touchups

You put so much effort into perfecting your makeup every morning, and when you leave the house, you look your very best. But by midday, you might not feel as fresh-faced as you did when you first walked into the office. The products we carry at Shine are designed for all-day wear, so you can look your best from sunup to sundown. But even the best of products can benefit from a midday touchup. Here are 3 products we recommend having at work (either in your desk or in your purse) for just such an occasion.

Pressed Powder

For most women, midday shine (not the good kind, of course) is the bane of your makeup. The oils in your face slowly make their way to the surface, and you’re left with an unflattering sheen on your face that really seems to pop under the fluorescent office lights. Keeping your pressed powder on hand allows for fast and easy touchups to your makeup to fight that shine.

Obviously, you don’t want to wash your face and reapply midday, but you do need to do something with that oil buildup. We recommend finding a brand of oil-removing sheets that you like, but if you don’t have those on hand, even a tissue will help. Just blot the oiliest parts of your face, then apply the pressed powder, focusing on your T-zone. Our pressed powder comes in a convenient compact with an application pad and a mirror, so you can touch up your makeup wherever you are.

Lipstick or LipLast

The colors of our lipstick and LipLast products are designed for all-day wear. But if you’re wearing an especially bright and bold color, it’s natural to still see a little bit of fading. Most days, the color will still be vibrant enough that you can walk out of the office with confidence. But if you have a big presentation, or you’re going out for drinks after work, it’s a good idea to touch up your lip color a little.

Bring along whatever shade of lip color you’re currently wearing, or keep a favorite in your desk at work. When you’re ready to touch up your color, start by gently wiping your lips with a damp paper towel to even out the remaining color. Then just swipe on a new layer for a fresh, kissable look.

Makeup Remover

You’re probably thinking, “Wait a second. I thought this was about touching up my makeup, not taking it off!” And you’re right. But how many times have you accidentally smudged your eyeliner or mascara while at work? How often have you gone into the restroom around 3:00 in the afternoon, only to realize that your eyeshadow has begun to smear due to facial oils?

Sometimes, the best way to touch up your makeup is to just clean it up a little bit. So get an empty travel bottle from the store, and fill it with Shine’s makeup remover, and keep it in your desk with some cotton balls and swabs. Whenever you need it, just use a small amount of the makeup remover to clean up the edges of your makeup and keep things looking as sleek and fresh as possible until the very end of your workday.

With Shine’s products, a midday touchup is more of a bonus than a necessity. So, if you’re pressed on a deadline and don’t have time to touch up your makeup, don’t sweat it; our long-lasting products have your back. But when you have the time, these 3 products will help you weather those afternoon meetings and the post-lunch slump looking as fresh-faced as you did when you first clocked in.

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