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We believe you are beautiful. You need to believe it, too.

Shine Cosmetics was born out of a sincere desire to help women everywhere feel truly beautiful, inside and out.

Founder Chandler Taylor was at a dance competition with her young daughter when she was alerted to the sexual messages the beauty industry is sending to women. When her daughter began to read aloud the name of a popular mascara, Chandler was shocked and scrambled to stop her. She then sorted through to look at all the other inappropriate names looting her makeup bag. It was in that moment that she decided to do better, she knew she had to do better.

Determined to change the way the beauty industry markets to women, Chandler reached out to her sister-in-law, Erin Richardson and friend, Darcey Wilde and recruited them to her cause. United in the desire to be the positive voice in beauty, they worked many nights around the kitchen table to create a brand that empowers and strengthens beautiful women all around the world today. Named after power words like Courage, Faith, Blessed, Enough, Shine Cosmetics offers quality products at an affordable price, and hopes that you begin each day repeating these affirmations to remind you of your own true beauty and worth. 

Shine is committed to leaving the world a more beautiful place by seeking to do good and lift wherever possible. Shine donates regularly to causes that benefit women.

Chandler, Erin and Darcey’s sincere hope is that every time you use a Shine product, interact with Shine on social media, online or in person, you leave feeling more confident, more beautiful and always ready to face your day with a sparkle in your eye. 

Shine Cosmetics is women owned and operated. Our team of strong, successful and kind women are here to help you feel beautiful in every way. Reach out to us through chat on our website, DM on social media or email to hello@shinecosmetics.com.