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6 Sophisticated Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

So much of the cosmetics industry is focused on making us feel like we should remain forever young. And while it would be amazing to never develop wrinkles and keep our 20-something skin forever, that’s just not realistic. Besides, here at Shine, we believe that true beauty isn’t limited to your 20s. Rather than trying to apply a newer, younger face with your makeup, here are 6 ways you can use your makeup to help your natural, sophisticated beauty shine through every day.

Ditch Heavy Foundations

As your skin ages, you might feel tempted to hide those fine lines behind a layer of heavy makeup. But rather than giving you a fresh, youthful face, that heavy foundation sinks into those fine lines and emphasizes them. A heavy, cakey foundation is not your friend, so ditch it right away in favor of a lighter, creamier formula, like our BB Cream. Shine’s BB Cream dries to a soft, velvety texture that diminishes imperfections while providing a natural-looking finish for your skin.

Choose the Right Blush

Dark, heavy, or shimmery blush doesn’t usually work well for women over the age of 50. But that doesn’t mean you should be skipping the rouge altogether. In fact, a pop of color on your cheeks can be the perfect ticket to bright, healthy glow—if you pick the right color. Generally, a softer, peachy tone works best, as it gives a soft glow without being overwhelming. Our Invincible blush is a great shade for most women, and the buildable color allows you to get just the right amount of rouge for your skin tone.

Don’t Overdo the Powder

Powder is a great way to set your makeup, but once you’re out of your 20s, it’s important to use powder sparingly. Face powder can quickly become your greatest enemy, settling into the fine lines of your skin and instantly making you look older. Rather than brushing it all over your face, just dust a small amount down the T-zone to eliminate shine, and over the eyelids to prevent eyeshadow creasing. As long as you’re using the right foundation (see above), this should be more than enough.

Change Your Eye Makeup

If you’re applying the same eye makeup now as you did 10 years ago, then you need to rethink your makeup regimen. As you age, your eyes change shape, which means they need a different kind of makeup application to really shine. Think of it this way: Your body is probably a completely different shape now than it was in high school. And while your new body shape is still beautiful, it’s not going to look its best when you try to put on your high school jeans, now is it? You want to emphasize your new, womanly figure in all the right ways. The same concept applies to your eyes.

It’s best to avoid dark, heavy colors, as this can make your eyes look smaller and deeper set. Rather, use a soft layer of light, natural shadow on the eyelid—and yes, it’s totally acceptable to have a bit of shimmer in your eyeshadow if you want it! You should also make sure to apply more eyeliner on the top lash line than on the bottom to help open up your eyes and make them look instantly brighter.

A quick word on mascara: Black is always the best option, as it helps the eyes appear wider, makes lashes look thicker, and gives an overall more open, alert appearance.

Fill in Your Brows

It’s important that you not neglect your brow grooming. As we age, our eyebrows will naturally get thinner, so take the time to fill them in a little bit. Use a brow shadow instead of a pencil to achieve a softer, more natural look that emphasizes the true shape of your brows, rather than trying to draw yourself new ones.

Use the Right Lip Color

Finally, let’s talk about lip color. For most occasions, the best lip color is one that is just a shade darker than your own. This helps to keep things looking natural, and gives your lips an extra bit of plumpness and healthful color without detracting from your natural beauty. Starting with a good lip balm can also help to add a bit of volume to your lips while protecting them from drying out.

That being said, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re “too old” for a bold lip color. If you feel the occasion calls for a bright red lipstick, go for it! Just be sure to balance it out with a more understated eyeshadow color. And, on a related note, lip gloss is not just for teenagers either. A touch of gloss on your lips can really help to plump them up, and give you a nice bit of shimmer as well.

Ultimately, our message is this: Our makeup isn’t here to make you look 25 again. Our makeup is here to make you look stunning at any age, and to emphasize your incredible, natural beauty. No matter what your age, we don’t want to give you a new face—we just want to help you to truly shine.

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