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Everything You Need To Know About BB Cream

With so many different options for foundation, pressed powder, BB Cream, or even CC and DD Creams, it can leave your head spinning trying to find the right option for you! They all have different strengths, but we’re just going to cut to the chase really quick and tell you that BB cream is the GOLD MEDAL WINNER. Hear us out!

What exactly is a BB Cream? 

The BB in BB cream stands for beauty balm (although you can find other variations around the internet!) and it is intended to elevate the look of your natural skin. BB creams are lighter than traditional foundation, but still provide coverage that helps even out the appearance of your skin and gives you a natural glow.

What makes a good BB Cream?

BB cream should be light and easy to apply! It shouldn’t feel thick or gunky on your face. You want it to melt right in so it feels like you’re wearing nothing, while still giving you light coverage and evening out your skin. You shouldn’t need a million different steps with primer and foundation and setting sprays to achieve this look, all you need is the perfect BB cream!

Of course, what good is having BB cream on your face if it isn’t meant to last for a while? A great BB cream will give you long-lasting coverage that doesn’t wipe off on your phone when you call your mom.

How to Shop for BB Cream 

BB cream is truly the magic sauce when it comes to makeup, but with so many options out there you need to know how to find the right one! Choose a BB cream that is not only easy to apply in one step and long-lasting, but provides protection for your skin without drying it out. Shine Cosmetics BB Cream provides SPF 15 coverage and is ultra-lightweight so your skin can breathe. It is easy to apply using your fingertips, or you can use a brush or blender. (And did we mention it’s also hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and cruelty free?)

With Shine BB Cream, it’s also buildable! So on the days your skin needs a little extra coverage, you can build it up a little to get the perfect look to make your skin SHINE. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some Shine Cosmetics BB Cream wearers are saying:

“Ok, this stuff is pure magic! I cannot say enough good things about Shine Cosmetics and their BB Cream! I love how it doesn’t transfer onto my clothes and the shades are so good! You gotta try it! If you’re unsure about your shade, get a trial pack of the shades or if you’re local, go to the store and they will help you!”


“Seriously the best!! I live in hot humid Texas and this stuff lasts the day. Makes my skin look perfect without being too heavy or cakey. Evens my skintone and with a pretty glow but you can still see my freckles. And I never break out when wearing this. Did I mention it lasts ALL day?!”


“So I have tried a lot of foundations and couldn’t find any that I liked, they all made me look like I was wearing too much makeup. I was hesitant to try Shine’s BB Cream  because I didn’t know what color to get. But I sent them a picture of my face with no makeup and they recommended a color and I got it and it was dead on! Best foundation I have found! It gives me even coverage without looking like I have  a bunch of makeup on, I love it!”


Still not convinced? Read more reviews from hundreds of customers in love!

If you haven’t tried a BB cream, we promise the Shine Cosmetics BB Cream is about to be your new makeup BFF! Find your color now!


Hi, I’m wanting to get the BB cream but not quite sure what color to get? I’ve worn Bare Minerals in Sable 21 for the longest time. Can you suggest which one is best for me? Thank you for your time.

Not only does Shine Cosmetics have an amazing line of products, I love what they stand for more importantly. I love that each product is given a name that empowers women, builds their self-esteem, and promotes beautiful values. This makes them stand above the rest and truly shine as a makeup company!

Love the BB cream! I could never find a good color for myself (not very makeup savy) but Shine makes so easy! Just send them a photo of yourself and they send you back tour perfect color match (and quickly I might add!).

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