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Confessions of a Makeup Novice

So, I’ve been writing blogs for Shine Cosmetics for a while. Right away, I loved their message and the way they are striving to empower women to take control of their own beauty. But I have a confession to make: I had never used the products before. That is, until today.

Today I received 4 products from my friend at Shine: Fiber Mascara, the pressed powder, and Lip Last in Honor and Eternity. I’m not someone who wears makeup a lot, but I was excited to try out these products for a company that I felt like I was a part of. So, what did this makeup novice think?

Fiber Mascara

This is probably the product I was most excited about. I know other companies sell similar products, but I had never tried one before. So it was with great anticipation that I pulled out these two little tubes. As a makeup novice, I was a bit intimidated by the fact that my eyelashes suddenly needed a 3-step process. But the end result was worth all that effort. (I’m being a little sarcastic here. It was incredibly easy.)

My lashes were incredibly long and full compared to the other mascara I’d been using, and I got compliments from multiple people on them. I’m now considering wearing this every day, just so I can flutter my eyelashes more often.


So I got the LipLast in two different colors: Honor and Eternity. I wore Eternity today, which was a bit of a style stretch for me. I’m conservative with my makeup, so trying something with a copper-and-coral color to it was going out on a limb. But after about 3 seconds of wondering if I could pull this off, I loved it. It went on smoothly and simply, like a lip gloss, but left a long-lasting, rich color behind. We went out to dinner, and the color was still beautiful afterwards.

Not wanting to wait to see how Honor looked, I loaned the color to my sister for the evening. It was a stunning color. Deep, rich, but not overpowering. I can’t wait to try out this color myself. While it may be darker than most lip colors I wear, I get the feeling this is one product I’m going to wear pretty frequently.

Pressed Powder

Powder is a very important product for me, and the one cosmetic that I wear almost every day. That’s because I’m not comfortable with my skin. I had bad acne as a teenager, and it’s left me with some scarring and discoloration, so I’m just not comfortable going completely bare-faced in most cases. But I’m also the mom of a toddler, so I don’t have time to be putting on layers of makeup.

Shine’s pressed powder was absolutely perfect. I loved the little compact that it came in with the mirror—ideal for touchups on the go. But more importantly, the product helped to even out my skin tone and give me a light coverage in under a minute. I felt fresh-faced and more confident in my appearance, without having to put on any heavy foundation or concealer.

While I’m just beginning to get my exposure to Shine’s products, I’ve had plenty of time being exposed to their beautiful message. Working on Shine’s blog has helped me to look at beauty in a whole new light. And using their products has helped me to look at my own beauty in a new light as well.

Other Happy Customers

Of course, I’m not the only one who has come to love Shine and their products. Here are some reviews from other women who have tried this makeup and loved it.

“I absolutely love Shine, not because I sell it but because the makeup is AMAZING! I am the pickiest when it comes to makeup and I replaced all my old products with Shine products. I can't really comment a favorite product because I love them all but I will say the BB Cream is at the top of my list. The makeup is lightweight and gives my face a nice glow. The shadows are gorgeous too. My wish for the future is adding more shadows with more sparkle but either way the products are AWESOME and the Shine staff are the best! You won't get any better than Shine!” -Shelly Stitely

“Where do I start?! I am just glad I found this company through a friend! Every day when I wake up I look forward to putting makeup on. Their message to bring beauty back and to help and support women of any age is amazing!” -Carol Mckendrick

“Shine is it for me. I have so many allergies that I have searched all high-end makeup products that won’t make my skin break out with rashes, burns, acne or redness BUT I found Shine! Their products have fit all my needs and wants. I love that Shine offers products that are free of so many chemicals and is natural. From the price to the quality of the products, you will have a hard time trying to find something so pure. I also love the story and message of Shine and how and why it was created. Every product surely has touched and uplifted my life. Honestly, with Shine not only will you be uplifted inside and out, it will surely make you SHINE!” -Joey Johnston

“I have gotten so many compliments on my make up since I started wearing Shine! I also am grateful to know that it is lead, paraben, SLS, and cruelty free. My friends with sensitivities have worn it with no issues. The BB Cream and LipLast in Timeless are my everyday go to products. Plus, I love the positive message of Shine and the women behind it!” -Jilynn Bradshaw

I LOVE, LOVE all the Shine Cosmetics! I have super sensitive skin and can use all the products with no problems. I love that when I use the BB cream it gives me full coverage without feeling like I am wearing anything at all. I could go on and on about each product because I truly love it all.” -Tawnya Nelson

But you don’t need to take their word for itor mine. Give Shine a try for yourself.

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