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Mascara + Lash Primer

$39.99 $41.98

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Save when you bundle our beloved Shine Mascara with our Shine Lash Primer.

Mascara and Lash Primer Duo - the perfect combination for achieving the ultimate lash transformation. This dynamic duo includes our high-performance mascara and lash primer, working together to give you voluminous, lengthened, and show-stopping lashes.

Our lash primer is designed to prep and condition your lashes, creating a perfect base for mascara application. The lash primer coats each lash, adding length and volume while creating a smooth surface for mascara to adhere to. It amplifies the effects of mascara, allowing for maximum impact and dramatic lash results.

Once your lashes are primed and ready, it's time to apply our mascara. Our mascara features a rich and creamy formula that instantly adds volume, length, and intense color to your lashes. The specially designed brush captures and coats each lash, from root to tip, for a stunning, fluttery effect.

Together, our mascara and lash primer create a dynamic duo that enhances your natural lashes and elevates your eye makeup game. The primer ensures your mascara stays in place all day without smudging or flaking, while the mascara provides the perfect finishing touch, making your lashes look bold, defined, and eye-catching.

Experience the power of our Mascara and Lash Primer Duo and unlock the secret to luscious, voluminous lashes that steal the spotlight. Elevate your lash game and achieve a truly captivating look.

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