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Back to School Beauty Tips

Shine Cosmetics Back to School Beauty Blog

Calling all moms! Summer days are flying by which means before we know it school will be back in  session, and we’ve got some fun ideas for back-to-school beauty. 

It used to be that the first forays into the world of makeup often saw 12 and 13 year-olds take a turn applying bright blue eyeshadow that was poorly blended, sweep on blush that was too bold and use their hands to rub in foundation that left a telltale line along the jaw, usually in a shade that was a little  too orange.

Nowadays teens have had a major glow-up, thanks in part to having no shortage of makeup  tutorials at their fingertips and much better-quality products. Electric blue lids and too rosy cheeks no  longer have to be a rite of passage into the teen years. We’ve got the perfect products to help your tween or teen accentuate their natural beauty and go back to school feeling confident while looking age  appropriate. Shine products are hypoallergenic, cruelty free and feature color and product line names that you won’t be horrified to hand to your daughter! When it comes to young faces we suggest just the basics so girls can dip their toes into playing with makeup but still maintain their innocent beauty and show off their youthful skin. 

Start them out with the right tools like our Flawless Finish Complexion Sponge and Eyeshadow Brushes. When it comes to makeup application, the right tools go a long way towards making sure everything’s blended for a more natural look. Bonus: Our complexion sponge is antibacterial, so it won’t hold onto  any nasty acne-causing germs. 

When it comes to the perfect foundation you can’t go wrong with our BB Cream. It’s light but buildable to even out any redness and won’t leave young faces with a heavy overly made-up appearance. Pair it with our Concealer for those annoying teenage breakouts. 

Next grab a Blush Stick for the apples of her cheeks. It only takes a couple of taps with this cream formula to add a sun-kissed glow. Bonus: Our Blush Sticks can also be used on eyes and lips!  

For the eyes, our Eyeshadow Palettes are a perfect fit. With four combos to choose from, there’s a  palette for every eye color. They’re highly pigmented, buildable and blendable, for a soft natural look. Top it off with a swipe of our Mascara to show off the lashes she naturally has, you know, the ones we all wish we appreciated more when we were that age! 

To finish the look, dab on a little Lip Gloss. Creamy and conditioning, it will keep her lips soft but not sticky while walking through the halls with her friends.  

Don’t forget to order some of our Makeup Remover Cloths! Just wet it with warm water and easily wipe away any product, sweat or grime before going to bed each night. Much better than harsh cleaners that can really dry out young skin.

When it comes to young makeup wearers, we hope that our products can be a fun and safe introduction  to the world of beauty that they’ll continue to love and use as they grow older. Shine believes that women of all ages are beautiful, with makeup and without it, but the most important back-to-school message of all is that real beauty isn’t found in makeup but in being kind and working hard to be the best you can every day.

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