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Get The Look: The Spring Edit

Shine Cosmetics Spring Makeup Looks

As the weather warms up and the sun starts to come out to play, it's time to freshen up our makeup looks! Celebrate spring with bright pops of pinks, purples, and pastel shades!

We'll help you achieve a simple daytime and nighttime look perfect for spring in this quick guide!

Daytime Look

Need something quick and easy to get you out the door in the morning? This simple look will let you play with color without taking too much time! This fresh look is perfect to wear to work or while running errands!


Accentuate your beautiful eyes with fun shades of pinks and purples!

Using Shine Cosmetic's Be True Eyeshadow Palette, apply a light wash of the light pink shade across the entire eyelid using a flat shader brush.

Using a fluffy blending brush, pick up the deep purple shadow and slowly work it back and forth in the crease for more definition!

Using a new clean brush, take a little bit of the matte black shade and apply it to the outer V of the eyes to create more intensity!

To brighten up the eyes and add a bright pop of color, apply our Passion Eyeliner pencil, a shimmery rose gold, to the inner corners of the eye!


Give your cheeks a soft, hydrated glow with our Blush Stick

Using the shade Delightful, a bright pink with gold flecks, apply a light amount of product onto the apples of your cheek. Using your fingers or our Flawless Finish Sponge, begin dabbing the product to blend it into your skin.


Accentuate and refine the outline of your lips with our Lip Liner in the shade Beloved! Use the natural lip line as a guide when applying the product for the most natural results, and using the tip of your finger, blend the shade inwards to the center of your lips. If you want a slightly fuller look, slightly overdraw the cupid's bow and corners of the lips for a fuller yet natural-looking lip!

Finish off with a pretty pop of color, and keep your lips hydrated with our Lip Gloss! Using the shade Bloom, a beautiful rose color, apply it to the center of your lips to finish off your look! 

Nighttime Look

Are you feeling bold? Well, we've got you covered. A deep purple smoky eye will make your eyes stand out!


Using Shine Cosmetic's Be True Eyeshadow Palette, dip a flat shader eyeshadow brush into the metallic plum eyeshadow. Apply this color to the center of the mobile lid. If you want this shade to be more intense, you can spray your brush with setting spray before applying it! 

Using a clean fluffy brush, dip into the matte black shadow, and begin to smoke out the edges of the first shade with small windshield wiper motions. Take your time! Go back and forth between the black and plum to gradually build up the intensity of the look.

Now that your eyes are beautiful and smoky, add some sparkle with a bright inner corner highlight! Using a clean brush, dip into the champagne shade in the palette, and apply to the inner corner of the eyes for a pop of sparkle! 

Finish off your look by applying Focus Eyeliner, our classic black shade, to the upper and lower waterline. 


Balance out your look with a blush in a more natural shade! Using a large fluffy blush brush, dip into our signature Blush Powder in the shade Enough. Lightly sweep it across the apples of the cheeks before softly blending it up towards the hairline.


Don't worry about your lipstick smudging or budging throughout the night! We've got you covered with our LipLast long-wear liquid lipstick. Using the shade Timeless, a rich brownish rose, apply it evenly across the lips and allow it to dry for a beautiful look that lasts all night long!

Go out and shine!

We hope you feel bold, empowered, and beautiful with these fun makeup looks for spring! Don't be afraid to play with color and express yourself!

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