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How and Where to Store Your Makeup

Let’s be honest for a minute. Is your makeup actually stored somewhere, or is it just kind of scattered all over the place? From the lipstick in the bottom of your purse to the touch-up foundation you keep in your desk at work, you likely don’t keep all of your beauty products in a single location. And while it’s perfectly fine to keep your beauty products where you need them most, you still need to be putting a bit more thought into how and where your makeup is stored.

So here are a few dos and don’ts for storing your makeup that will help your products to last longer and look better every time.

Don’t Store in Direct Sunlight

If you keep any products lined up on your window sill, think again. Even if the product isn’t the kind that will melt or soften with sun exposure, sunlight can actually break down important compounds within your products. This can cause them to degenerate much more quickly than they should. You should also keep this in mind if you’re ever tempted to leave your makeup sitting in your car. Even if it’s not a particularly hot day, the sunlight can still cause your products to go bad.

Do Store in a Cool, Dark Place

Your makeup’s shelf life is going to be much longer when your products are stored in a place that is cool and dark. A closet or a dresser drawer in an interior room is a good place for your products. Be sure that they’re away from any sources of heat, like fireplaces or furnaces. Too much warmth can dry out some products, or even separate out the oils within the makeup, which would lead to spoiling.

Don’t Expose to Humidity

Unfortunately, one of the most common places that women store makeup is also one of the worst places you can keep it—the bathroom. Bathrooms can be quite humid, and humidity can quickly ruin powder products, making them clumpy and cakey. It’s better to keep them in another room, which isn’t exposed to as much humidity. Try finding a place outside your bathroom where you can store and apply your makeup without the extra humidity. Perhaps women in days of yore had it right with their vanities and dressing tables!

Do Keep in an Organized Bag

While it’s fine to have products here and there, in places where you need them, try to avoid tossing all your makeup in a jumbled mess in the bottom of a drawer or inside your purse. When they’re stored this way, products get jostled around a lot, which can lead to broken pressed powders, cracked containers, spilled products, and other damage. Keep your makeup organized, and you’ll be less likely to experience these kinds of problems.

These simple dos and don’ts will help your makeup to last longer, so that you can enjoy your products down to the last application. Remember, products that have been properly cared for will help to give you the flawless look that you’re striving for.

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