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Product Tips and Advice: Fiber Brow

Fiber Brow is one product that we’re particularly proud of. Because all of that meticulous penciling, gelling, shading, filling, and even dyeing can be replaced with this one, simple product. Fiber Brow gives you those perfect brows with minimal effort. Here’s a bit more on this dream brow product, including some tips on proper use, and the incredible benefits.

Benefits of Fiber Brow

Some people are just blessed with beautiful, full eyebrows that don’t need a ton of extra help. For the rest of us, there’s an endless array of products we’re supposed to use to mimic what the blessed few achieve naturally. We dye our light-colored, barely-there brows, fill them in with pencils and shadows, gel and comb them to keep down those hairs that always grow in weird directions, and so on.

Fiber Brow is beautiful brows in a bottle. It spares you the time and expense of using all those different products. With this one product, you can:

  • Add some color
  • Increase volume
  • Fill in sparse areas
  • Shape and style like a brow gel
  • Improve definition of brow shape

Whether you find your natural eyebrows too light, too patchy, or difficult to tame, Fiber Brow does it all and gives you the perfect brows that you’re striving for without all the extra products.

Tips for Use

Fiber Brow is incredibly simple to use and comes in two shades—Integrity for lighter brows, and Refine for darker ones. The product comes in a small tube with a built-in wand much like mascara. The tinted liquid inside includes microfibers that adhere to your skin and hairs to create thicker, fuller brows in just a few strokes. Even if you’ve never used a product like this before, it doesn’t take long to figure it out. For optimal results, follow these tips:

  • Begin with a light application and build as you go to get the right color and volume.
  • Apply in light, upward strokes.
  • Work from the inner edge of the brow, out towards the tip.
  • Follow the natural shape of your brow and direction of the hair’s growth.

That’s it! With some small, careful strokes, you can create the perfect brows that nature may not have seen fit to give you—and you can do it in under a minute with a single product.

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