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Product Tips and Advice: Eyeshadow

Many of us began playing with eyeshadow at a very young age, and our mothers still hold onto those blackmail-worthy photos of us with bright blue shadow all over our eyelids. But no matter how long you’ve been playing with this particular product, we find that there’s always a new trick or technique that you can learn. This is especially true with the ever-changing makeup trends that lead us from dramatic, smoky eyes to natural-looking, nearly-nude eyeshadow looks.

So here’s what we want you to know about our product, and a few tricks that can help you with using this timeless beauty staple.

Features and Benefits

Shine’s Eyeshadow Palettes are perfectly sized for travel, so they fit perfectly into any makeup bag. Another great benefit of this setup? You can apply this eyeshadow both wet and dry to achieve two totally different looks (more on that below). But the packaging method is far from the only awesome feature of our eyeshadow.

Our long-lasting formula is made for all-day wear, and it won’t smudge or crease. That’s right—no more dark, clumpy line of shadow in the middle of your eyelid halfway through the day. The blendable, buildable color and high pigmentation of our shadows give every shade a rich and vibrant color. 

Tips for Use

A quick search on the internet will provide you with an endless array of tutorials on how to apply eyeshadow. Simply trying to watch all the how-to videos on YouTube would be a binge-athon the likes of which is rarely seen outside of Netflix. But don’t let all of those tutorials overwhelm you. Keep in mind that not every piece of advice is going to work for you. As long as you follow some basic application tips, and find a look that works for your eye shape, coloring, and personal sense of beauty, you’ll be golden. Here are some basic tips to get you started:

  1. Good brushes are half the battle. If you’re still trying to apply your shadow with those little sponge brushes that come in the convenience store eyeshadow pallets, it’s time to upgrade to some decent shadow brushes. We recommend getting a few, as each shape has a specific purpose in eyeshadow application. (Take a look at our brushes to learn a little more about that.)
  2. Know how to best highlight your eyes. Smoky eyes don’t look great on everyone, just as cat’s eye eyeliner doesn’t work for everyone. Get familiar with your unique eye shape, and know how to use your shadow to best flatter that shape.
    Here are a few tips:
      • For hooded eyes, focus your eyeshadow under the lower lashes and at the outer corners of your eyes.
      • Wide-set eyes are best flattered by applying darker colors to the inner corner of the eyes.
      • If you have close-set eyes, apply darker colors to the outer corners of your eyes.
      • Eyes with monolids (no eyelid crease) can really work a cat eye. You can also experiment with highlights at the center of the eyelid.
      • For deep-set eyes, don’t be afraid to go for that dramatic, smoky eye. While it might look like too much on other eye shapes, deep-set eyes work really well with this look.

    Make sure you’re complementing your eye color as well. To learn what shades work well for your eye color, check out this blog.

    1. Get easy eye definition with a simple cut crease. Simply apply a dark shadow along the upper crease of your eyelid, from the end of the line to the outer corner of your eye. Blend it really well, and apply a lighter shadow to your mobile lid (the part of your eyelid that moves when you blink). Boom—instant contrast, and beautifully defined eyes in minutes.
    1. Keep things simple. Many women (especially those who are not very experienced with makeup) get overwhelmed by pallets and tutorials that tell you you have to use four different shades of eyeshadow with every makeup application. And while that may be great to do sometimes, it doesn’t work for everyone, every time. There’s nothing wrong with just picking a single shade and applying it all over your mobile lid. This will give you a quick pop of color with minimal effort.
    1. Apply your shadow wet for a more dramatic look and deeper color. Speaking of using a single color, remember how we mentioned that our shadow can be applied wet? Here’s how it works: Just tap a small amount of shadow into the container’s lid. Get your shadow brush very slightly damp, and swirl it in the shadow. Apply it to your eyelid as you normally would. You’ll notice that the color is deeper and more vibrant, giving you a more dramatic look without any extra effort.

    Eyeshadow is arguably one of the most fun makeup products out there. With so many colors and looks to experiment with, it truly gives us an opportunity to turn ourselves into works of art, and find our own definitions of beauty every day. So, have fun with your eyeshadow, and find a look that lets you shine!

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