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Product Tips and Advice: Pressed Powder

Powder is a staple in any makeup bag. Because it’s such a simple product, few women feel that they need any special tips or advice for how to use it. But there are actually a few tricks you should know that can improve the overall look of your powder application. So, here’s what you should know about our pressed powder product, and how to use it to get a beautiful look that’s perfect for your skin.

Features and Benefits

Our pressed powder comes in four different shades. The lightweight, build-able color allows you to apply as much or as little powder as you need to match your skin tone without ever feeling heavy or cakey. It comes in a sleek compact that includes a mirror and compact sponge for midday touch-ups. Of course, you shouldn’t need to do many of those, as our powder is extremely long-lasting.

This powder will provide you with a natural-looking finish over your liquid foundation, or it can be used for lightweight coverage on its own. The silky-smooth formula goes on like a dream, and doesn’t leave your face with that strange, powdery look that other products can give you.

Tips for Use

It’s hard to use pressed powder the wrong way. However, there may very well be a better way to use this product than what you’re currently doing. And the exact way that you apply your powder should depend on the look that you’re going for, as well as your skin type. So here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’re using the right tool. For most people, this will be a full, rounded powder brush. This tool will give you that soft, glowing skin, and is a great way to set your foundation. A compact sponge, like the one included with our pressed powder, works well if you want a more matte finish. However, if you want to get full coverage from your powder alone, you’ll want to use a standard makeup sponge. Additionally, if you have very oily skin, a powder puff can help you to get a more velvety, matte finish.
  • And keep those tools clean. Your tools are not going to work well for you if they’re dirty. Dirty brushes and sponges don’t give you even application, and can waste makeup. Plus, they’re filled with bacteria, and who wants to be putting germs on their face every morning?
  • Only use one coat of powder. Too much powder will give you a cakey look, so try to control the urge to put on several layers. If you want a heavier coverage from your powder, use a sponge, as mentioned above.
  • Choose the right shade. Typically, you want to simply match your powder to your skin tone. However, if your skin is very oily, you may want to go one shade lighter. When powder touches oil, it oxidizes, which can cause it to take on a more peachy or brownish tone. A slightly lighter powder will continue to match your skin tone, even after your facial oils have gotten into it.
  • Remove any excess powder from your face. Leaving loose powder on your face can cause you to have a strange, powdery look to your skin, especially under bright lights or in photos taken with the flash on. So, after you apply your powder, use a clean, fluffy brush to gently dust off any excess. You can check whether or not you’ve removed the loose powder by taking a selfie on your phone with the flash turned on. If your skin doesn’t have white blotches, you’re set.
  • Work from the inside out. You’ll want to start with your T zone, as this area tends to be the oiliest part of your face, and therefore needs the most powder. Dust it gently outwards with sweeping motions, then use circular movement to blend the powder to an even finish. Be sure to apply the product over the jawline and down onto the neck, to ensure your face and neck are the same color.

If you’re surprised by any of these tips, you’re not alone. But give them a try and see just how much your experience with our pressed powder can improve when you follow the right steps!

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